Decoloring process in soybean oil refining

Decoloring process, there are two categories of color in crude corn oilone for natural pigments, such ascarotenoids, lutein, chlorophyll and other substances, easy to drift soil adsorption decoloring. Another type of organic matter decomposition products formed pigmentationbrown and tan, easy to drift soil adsorption decoloring. They often had positive colloidal dispersion in oilAlthough some pigments are removed during processingbut the larger the magnitude of recovery.

Processed into corn oil generally require the use of a decoloring processonce floated cross Decoloring process decoloring earth secondary effectsembryos for material handling is not timelythe preparation of fuel oil hair darkermore difficult decoloring, you can use the pre-decoloring. 

After decoloring of corn oil in addition to its existing corn flavor, there are brought in alkali refining the "soap" taste, decoloring brought in "soil fishy" taste, so the need to further deodorized corn oil in line with the flavor request.

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