Crystallization tank for dewaxing in soybean oil refinery

Crystallization and maturing tank is mainly used in oil dewaxing section. Its features are simple and convenient operation and maintenance, easy to clean, stable running and low consumption.

Traditional filtering of freezing crystallization dewaxing process, the process is not only suitable for less waxy corn oil and sunflower oil, at the same time can also be applied to more rice bran wax content oil. From the storage tank, or other device to come over to the desire of dewaxing oil to heat exchanger first, in the heat exchanger, with refined from regularly after dewaxing unit heat exchange.

After heat exchanger heat transfer for dewaxing oil and sent to the cooling tank, in the cooling tank is equipped with the jacket, inside the jacket with cooling water to cool the desire of dewaxing oil. In order to improve the heat transfer rate, dewaxed oil has slowly rotating pulp agitator in cooling tank, mixing in the oil cooling.

Dewaxed oil cooling tank after you leave, and then in turn into the crystallization tank and the crystallizing tank and the structure of cooling tank is broadly similar, dewaxed oil in these crystallization cans continue to use circulating cooling water for cooling, reduce the oil temperature to continue.

Using traditional filtering of freezing crystallization dewaxing process can make achieve predetermined dewaxing oil temperature cooling curve, has slowly rotating pulp in the crystallization tank agitator, at the same time also in the appearance of bread has a thermal insulation material of tank, to keep the oil temperature within the temperature required, on the final crystalline crystal jar, in order to properly to speed up the filtration rate, oil temperature can be increased slightly.

Out of the final crystallization tank oil containing crystallization, rely on gravity into use heat removal filter cake by filter, the filter will be solid wax separated from the oil, then pump after dewaxing oil to the tank. At the end of the filter, the separated solid wax with filter set in the coil into the hot water, reoccupy after the melt pump to the tank.  

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