MS Scraper Conveyor of Soybean Pretreatment

Product Introduction: The Series of horizontal scraper conveyor is widely used for long distance transportation materials, its chain adopts sleeve roller chain and head-tail chain profile, and has small dynamic load, compact structure, smooth and reliable operation of transmission, large transmission capacity, and low energy consumption. Convex rails are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials with excellent wear resistance. 

Conveying Capacity: 50-2400 Tons per day

The MS scraper conveyor adopts non-metallic wear-resistant material as the main wear-resisting layer, which make it possible to transport various trays or powder materials. This type of welding hand-cranked chain scraper conveyor is widely used in feed mills, rice mills, flour plants, oil factory, grain depots, ports etc.

1) Material Density: γ=0.1~2.0 t/m3;
2) Material Temperature: t<100°C;
3) Moisture Content: When the moisture content increases, the adhesion and the compaction are increased, the material cannot be seriously adhered to the scraper and cannot be transported;
4) Particle Size: It is too large size to suitable for conveying;
5) Transfer Length: ≤100m.

Product Features:

1) The MS Scraper Conveyor is simple in structure, flexible in configuration, easy to transport various materials, and convenient to disassemble, repair and install;

2) It adopts heavy-duty welded bending chains, specially treated shafts and chain plates to ensure high-strength conveying;

3) The assembly of Huatai is made of wear-resistant material scrapers, which can increase the service life of the equipment;

4) The MS scraper conveyor is equipped with multiple safety devices to ensure safe and effective operation.

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