Flaking mill in soybean pretreatment

Flaking roll is main machine before oil pressing for soybean oil machine and it is utilizing mechanical effect to roll oilseeds from granularity into flakes.

The purpose of flaking machine is breaking oilseeds cellular structure, enlarging superficial area and shortening oil path, which beneficial for oil extraction and improving cooking effect.

Flaking systems and flaking mills are designed for a range of cereals and other materials. The correct selection of the process equipment will depend on the material to be flaked, and the type of flake to be produced.

Take-up of moisture into the grain is essential for successful flaking, and this is achieved by the selection of the steam chest to provide the necessary retention time, with in some cases the need to add water and temper the grain first.

For high quality, thin, flakes as used for instance for dairy cows, precise pre-cleaning of the grain to remove oversize, undersize, and dust is essential. Removal of stones protect the surfaces of the rolls, leading to longer life, and prevents contamination of the flakes.

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