Soybean pretreatment and prepress plant

The pretreatment and prepress introduction for Soybean

The pretreatment and prepressing for soybean is the first step of oil making, whose purpose is to get fast and effective extraction for soybean.

Considering the different oilseed’s characteristics and customers’ requirement, Huatai can provide tailored soybean solution for you.The whole processing line with automation control can help you to get high oil yield and easy to control.

Flow chart of soybean pretreatment:

1. Cleaning
Soybean is conveyed into the preparation line from storage. The purpose of cleaning is to remove impurities, for improving quality of final product.
2. Conditioning
The moisture and temperature of soybean are adjusted in Conditioning Tower, so that soybean can be easy to be shaped. The process aims to achieve high dehulling rate and low protein denaturation.
3. Cracking and Dehulling
The purpose of cracking and Dehulling Machine is to improve protein content and reduce fiber content of soybean meal. In addition, it can enhance extracting efficiency and reduce residual oil contained in the hulls.
4. Flaking
The purpose of Flaking Section is to destroy the cells of soybean and increase the surface area, in order to improve the efficiency of expanding and solvent extraction.  is designed to flake the broken soybean into thins flakes (thickness from 0.3 to 0.4mm). Flakes thickness can be adjusted by adjustment of pressure between rolls. Soybean flakes will be conveyed to the solvent extraction plant.

The equipment and plant for oilseeds preparation


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