Soybean extraction plant

Solvent extraction is commonly used in soybean oil extraction, Oil produced by solvent extraction has good quality and lower production cost.

1. Solvent Extraction

After soybean flakes(prepressedoil cake/pretreated raw materials) are conveyed to Estractor, then mixed to miscella with different concentration gradient and fresh solvent. The miscella will be pumped to evaporation system and spent meal will be desolventized. 

2. Evaporation System

Miscella will be pumped to evaporation system after removing impurities twice. The evaporation system consists of 1st stage evaporator, 2nd stage evaporator and stripping tower. The solvent evaporated from miscella will be recycled. 

3. Solvent Recycling

The n-hexane evaporated from each section is recycled to solvent tank through the condenser. The uncondensed gas enters the exhaust condenser and most of the uncondensed n-hexane is condensed. A small amount of n-hexane vapor and non-condensable gas enter the absorption tower in which n-hexane is absorbed by mineral oil. Other non-condensable gas is exhausted through the exhaust fan.

4. D.T.D.C

Soybean meal after solvent extraction containing a certain amount of solvent will be conveyed to DTDC for desolventizing, toasting, drying and cooling. 

Soybean oil extraction plant flow chart:

soybean oil extraction plant

Craft Features of Oilseeds Extraction Production Line 

1. Adopting negative pressure wvaporation to ensure excellent oil quality;

2. Extraction system can adapt to different raw materials;

3.Unique exhaust gas absorption system ensures good absorption effect;

4.Energy-saving design can help utilize heat energy repeatedly and save steam.
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