Rotocel extractor in soybean oil extraction

Rotocel extractor

Rotocel extractor has several advantages of better extraction effect, reliable operation, long extraction time, low running speed and low power consumption.

But it also has several disadvantages. The bed of materials inside it is too deep so that it requires materials with good condition (low moisture content and powder content). That feature lowers its adaptability.

Besides, its large size makes it not easy to transport and install. Uneven discharging and feeding would also cause bad effect in processing. Bridging would occur in this extractor.


SOLVENT EXTRACTION SECTION The seed after relevant preparation in the pre-treatment plant (cleaning, de-hulling, cracking, cooking, flaking and pressing) feeds the extractor where it is laid on a filtering belt with automatic level control devices. The filtering belt moving from one to the other side of the extractor charges the oil cake coming from the feeding hopper, submits the seed cake to solvent shower and discharges the de-oiled cake into the extractor discharging hopper from which the same by screw conveyor and chain elevator goes to the next step.

The solvent (Hexane) enters the extractor in the opposite side of the oilseed, it is sprayed on the seed belt, flows through the same and is recovered in the underneath hopper from where it is pumped into the next sprayer step; the number of sprayer steps changes depending on the capacity of the plant. The solvent with extracted oil is pumped to the next step. Solvent is enriched with oil, as it goes through the different steps.

Huatai can propose different types of Extractor Equipment : Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor and Drag chain extractor. the choice of which depends on specific applications beside the targeted plant capacity.

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