How to reduce trans-fatty acids in vegetable oil refinery process?

The main factors which causes TFA creating in vegetable oil refinery process is the temperature and duration of deodorization, so the the structure of deodorization also relates to the production of TFA.  China National Food Security evaluation expert  advise that based on the priciple vegetable oil taking 50% of amount of TFA, popularizing the utilize of vegetable oil refinery technology to reduce TFA level in the premise that varoius fatty acids are balanced. During oil refinning process, vegetable oil contact with trace metal, water and carclazyte to create peroxide in high temperature. During refining, 0.5%~2% TFA are produced, higher temperature and  longer time of deodorization, isomerization become faster.
The choice of deodorization can affects TFA producing. We need to choose the structure:packed tower-plate tower-packed tower, setting retention tank under plate tower can reduce TFA increasing as well as prevent oil fats returning to color and flavor. 
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