Why Oilseeds’ Pretreatment Is Important In An Oil Mill Plant

Oilseeds pretreatment equipments are a important part of the oil mill plant, pretreatment technology is the a series of processes to the oilseeds include: cleaning, dehulling, crushing, softening, flaking, puffing, wet heat treatment, drying, etc. Its purpose is to remove impurities and make the oilseeds into materials with certain structural performance to conform to the requirements of the different oil processes.

According to the different oilseeds varieties and oil production process, the selected pretreatment processes and methods are also different. In oil production, oil pretreatment has a major impact on the performance of the oil production, the impact improves the performance and structure of oilseeds, therefore improves the speed and amount of the oil production.

The impurities usually get mixed with oilseeds in the processes of harvest, transport and storage, the oilseeds would still contain some impurities even after the cleaning before storage and it couldn’t meet the standard requirements of production, so the oilseeds need to be cleaned thoroughly with special equipment to lower the impurity content until the content is within the range of process requirements, thus the process effect and product quality after can be guaranteed.

The cleaning process of oilseeds would reduce the oil loss; increase the oil yield; improve the quality of oil, meal and byproducts; reduce equipment wear and tear, extend the service life; ensure the safety of the production; reduce the dust and other impurities in the oil mill workshops and improve the environment.


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