The maintenance and trouble management of flaking mill(machine)

Flaking mill is one of the key equipment of the oil plant, with high price, heavy body and high repair cost. Therefore, in the production process, careful maintenance is required to extend the service life, which is of great significance for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
After long-term operation of the flaking mill, the wear on both sides of the press roll surface is often serious, which affects the effect of rolling. Therefore, we should arrange a certain time every week to grind the two sides of the roll with a grinding wheel or other means.
If the oil is not well cleaned, impurities such as stones and small iron blocks enter the rolling mill, which often causes pitting on the roll surface, causing pits on the smooth roll surface, uneven thickness of the rolled stock, affecting oil output. At this time, it is necessary to replace the pressure roller and re-level the pressure roller with the pit. The area hardness of the press roll is increased, and turning is difficult.
The aging machine sometimes has a phenomenon of not eating or eating less. Will seriously affect the efficiency of the mill. The large vibration of the rolling mill is an important cause of the pressure roller not eating. The shaking pressure roller constantly gives the oil an upward force, so that the oil is thrown up and down by the pressure roller, and always jumps up and down between the two pressure rollers. When the pressure roller does not eat, you should find out the reason. Never use a smooth roller surface to artificially plan some pits to increase the friction and feed it.
Broken shaft and off roller edge. In order to ensure the requirements of the flaking mill, the spring pressure is increased when the roll irregularity is gradually increased. In this way, the bearing always bears a radial force. Once the flow is uneven, especially into hard objects such as iron and stone, the two pressure rollers collide, and the instantaneous impact force is quite large. As a result of multiple impacts, if the fatigue limit of the shaft is exceeded, a broken shaft or a falling edge will occur. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the springs that adjust the rolling distance during operation should not be too tight, do not enter the iron, the flow should be uniform and do not break the material, etc., are effective measures to prevent such accidents.

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