The factors that affects adsorption bleaching in oil and fats refining

Bleaching in oil refining process aims at oil color improvement and providing qualified oil for deodorization. Therefore, the formulation of the color standard of the decolorizing oil in the process of oil refining needs to be based on the quality requirements of the oil and its products, and the improvement of the oil color to a large extent at a low loss.
1. Oil quality and pretreatment
Natural pigments in oil are easier to remove, and new pigments formed during oil storage and oil production or pigments fixed by oxidation are generally difficult to remove. It can be seen that the quality of the hair oil is improved, and the oxidation of the oil in the processing step is avoided to ensure the bleaching effect.
The effect of the quality of the grease treated before bleaching of the oil refining is also important. When the gum, soap particles and suspended matter impurities remain in the degreased oil, these impurities will occupy a part of the activated surface of the adsorbent, thereby reducing the bleaching efficiency or increasing the amount of the adsorbent.
2. The quality and dosage of the adsorbent
Adsorbents are a key factor affecting the bleaching effect. Different kinds of adsorbents have their own characteristics. According to the specific requirements of grease bleaching, the adsorbent can be reasonably selected to economically obtain the bleaching effect.
Activated clay is a commonly used adsorbent for the bleaching of oils. Different grades of activated clay exhibit different properties. Its activity is affected by factors such as original soil, acid treatment, and moisture. While it is desired to achieve high activity, the effects of these factors on the acid value of the oil, the filtration rate, and the oil loss rate should also be considered. The suitable activated clay of a certain oil under specific bleaching conditions and the amount of addition can generally be optimized by laboratory sample test.

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