Using steps for Pressure oil filter

Pressure oil filter using steps:

1, pressure oil filter, under normal use, when the gauge reading reaches 0.7Mpa, air compressor safety device is activated, the compressor will automatically shut down to protect the safety; when the gauge is reached 0.3-0.5Mpa time and space Pressure on automatically in order to maintain normal operating pressure. If the pressure reading to 0.7Mpa and compressor did not stop running, indicating a safety device fails, no user maintenance or adjustment should promptly contact your dealer or the factory technical service department repairs. Compressor rated working pressure 0.7Mpa has been adjusted at the factory, the user shall be adjusted on their own, especially the absolute prohibition of the rated pressure increase.

2, the device has a safety valve on the compressor overvoltage protection device, under normal circumstances will not start. When the system pressure reaches 0.8Mpa, the valve automatically deflated to reduce the pressure to ensure safety. When the system has not yet reached 0.8Mpa pressure relief valve deflated or system pressure is higher than 0.8Mpa still hold the gas valve, indicating that the air compressor safety device fails, you should immediately stop using it. Users can not adjust themselves, should promptly contact your dealer or the factory technical service department repairs.

3, the air compressor in the compression process will produce heat, so when using the compressor temperature has increased significantly, which is a normal phenomenon. The new compressor 50-100 hours after use lubricant should be replaced after every use 500-1000 after hours to replace a lubricant; user during use should always check the oil surface oil is located in central subject, if Low necessary to add oil. Do not use oil.

4, pressure oil filter Additional note: The first time you use pressure oil filter gasket due to friction between the large bucket and lid, the lid closed is not easy to place, please apply to the contact with the lid of the apron Clean the cooking oil to be improved. The machine relies on the barrel as the sealing power source, when the barrel pressure, sealing effect is like. Therefore, when the pressure from the barrel pressure during the formation of a small amount of leakage phenomenon yet, is a normal phenomenon. If the leak is too large since the pressure does not work, please clean the impurities on the apron, if not resolved, replace the gasket.
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