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At present of by-product of Soybean Oil Press Machine use integratedly basically have 2 kinds of forms one kind is the beans after soja extracts grease dregs of rice using another kind is the leftover pieces after soja becomes food make full use of. From the beans in dregsing of rice, beans of feed of attainable high protein dregses of rice, condense pink of albumen, detached albumen, small metamorphic and defatted ancient stemmed cup or bowl, prandial fiber, albumen glucoside of compound and peptide, amino acid, black, low get together candy wait and from inside leftover pieces we are attainable different is yellow alcohol of ketone, vitamin, steriod. 1 pair of soja dregs of rice detached protein was developed in recent years outside protein soja albumen is being contained a lot ofto make provision except traditional beans in using soy beans to dregs of rice, condense San of pink of the albumen, organization albumen, beans that take off raw meat or fish, beans to wait for new soja provision. Because soja protein is amino acerbity phyletic and complete reason says complete protein applies extensively already at the breed in the goods such as goods of piscine products, meat products, area products, cold drinks and snacks, candy products and beverage to amount to 10 thousand kinds in the United States. In home detached albumen product already became tall nutrition ground rice, sweet the indispensable raw material in the food such as goods of Mai Juan, biscuit, chocolate, clyster, small red bowel, ham and can. Albumen of soja of a few developed countries has relatively extensive application latent capacity in the domain such as spin, papermaking, plastic, leather huge market prospect is very capacious. There basically is 4 to plant in product of soja albumen series namely defatted soja pink (protein content 50% above) . . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " produce " 2012 06 period Jilin pasturage vet

Soybean market is analysed

Tax rate of tariff of import of soja of trends of 1 soybean imports and exports exports custom duty for 3% soja for 0. % . Entrance soja measured China to imported soja to imported soja to imported soja to imported soja to imported soja to imported soja to imported soja to imported soybean 4.13 million tons in October 4.51 million tons in September 5.35 million tons in August 4.3 million tons in July 4.56 million tons in June 3.88 million tons in May 3.51 million tons in April 2.32 million tons in March to imported soybean 5.13 million tons in Feburary in January 2011 3.81 million tons. 1 ~ %% . Edible plant is oily 1 ~ %% . 2 soja are basic the face causes investor to gain profit as a result of improvement of South-American weather prospect option market of finish CBOT soybean closes once more drop. Circumjacent market goes situation is right soja dish the face affects differ dollar index to climb lack of Gao Ling market to do much interest crude oil and stock market in pairs to go tall to offer soja period price to be propped up potentially. Newest forecast shows the central issue that South-American weather is market attention as before. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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