The key is main quantitative concern -- also talk " Soybean

2014 the 5th period " maths of middle and primary school (elementary school edition) " published issue of Cheng of Xu Jia J " Xiaoming ■ ^ hour went | Kilometre. According to such computation 1 of Xiaole " from " soja speaks of " - civil. The side in article from battle | When can Jian " rice? A few hours do 1000 Zuo of Fu want? I2, what is solving the measure with this kind of the the most effective, basiccest problem? ? Understand problem of Soybean Oil Press Machine " check. | Is eye is " difficult problem " so the teachers in education have each each " clever what can be become " difficult problem " ? IS solves this kind of difficult problem the most effective, ' . Two kinds of methods solving a problem that break up in Xu Wen for instance should say " action art " J Zuo is used can learn cutout now but defect is to the amount the relation understands not | did time grow to be written down easily for the student not clear be perhaps in state soja ■ ' ' why can be the problem become ' ' difficult problem " ? ? The problem is able to bear or endure to be met all the same when I changes confuse one thing with another. ". Illuminate such plan | It is OK that then the education to this kind of problem made Mr. Xu think of the soja that calculates 1 kilogram further oil expression how many kilogram? Should extract 1 kilogram oil to need to take an examination of will " Soybean Oil Press Machine ' ' of problem and Su Jiao edition " is list politic " soja of how many kilogram to want since connection? " it is Xu Wen in enumerated example (note the subject number to come (following watches) think to list. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " maths of middle and primary school (elementary school edition) " 2014 12 period Chinese youth

The happiness of soja

Does a bean have countless kinds of wonderful choices when is experience desolate so a person? Good bean is vitality extremely strong plant should have bit of soil to give bit of sunshine and bounty it only with respect to meeting overgrowth. The low of one's previous experience of overmatch even if that need not like a person naturally except careless rare also insect pest is cold also meet living and bright. Quanjing legume is tasted various but the person that have good reputation most is soja. International option market has soja to trade its go up drop can affect index of global produce boom. Soja actually not quite small, of round circle. If you had seen Pan Changjiang's movie " raise a hand to come " inside the plaything that two old ladies spill bean on the ground to let devil on sb's head is soja. Be because vast output of soybean place of production does not have a kind of beans to contend to weigh soja for old of the old in the beans to it more,perhaps? Actually soja most common constant appellation is soya bean, lima-bean. Soja is returning the name that has a genteel in ancient times -- first what beans is food crops food grains other than wheat and rice. "Of beans water joyous " it is to be parents to act according to go up the meaning that common food lets its are happy. Even if homely fare makes parents happy,be an idiom that has life taste very much really just be filial piety is true justice. Futures also lets fry all of earthen bowl of domestic earn basin after soya bean enters commodity market full. Not long ago goes Shanxi travel walks along ancestral temple of Great Harmony You Jin to visit tall home courtyard to see selling soya bean says in the shop " tall. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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