The protein nutrition resource of cake of oil plants broken

The investigation of protein nutrition resource of cake of oil plants broken bits (summary) the Anhui province of $ of Huang Shixiong of @ of sanitation and antiepideic station of the Anhui province of $ of Wang Shufang of @ of sanitation and antiepideic station of the Anhui province of $ of Shi Huan of @ of sanitation and antiepideic station of the Anhui province of $ of Ma Xiaoyan of @ of sanitation and antiepideic station of the Anhui province of $ of @ Sun Yudong. Broken bits of oil-bearing crops cake has yield the good nutrition resource that the characteristic with big, protein high content is the protein that can use. We are right 1987 the production of the cake of broken bits of oil plants of 6 city county of the Anhui province used circumstance and protein content to undertake investigating. .9 10 thousand tons of earthnut 24. 20 thousand tons. Oil expression hind can obtain oil. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " sanitation of the 2nd the 2nd food and paper of dietetics art conference pick the Anhui province want collection " science and technology of Guangxi aquatic product

Nutrition of intensive piscicultural protein furnishs

Protein is the foundation of all life. The ego that the fundamental feature of life is protein does not have protein newlier to do not have life. Protein nutrition furnishs and the article alludes is not " the fish need to protein " reason has 21 is about fish the conclusion that the most comfortable albumen studies in feed reports a lot of and differ very far. For example different author has the research result of the most comfortable to carp feed protein content 33%~55% differs. Investigate its reason these results are to use variable laboratory to get experiment condition and albumen source mostly also each are not identical differ actually with production too big. The phyletic quality that production uses the optimal albumen quantity of feed to still follow albumen is different and different and the mutual Jie of other part in getting raw material is fought or cooperate with complementary influence and water environment breed the environment, influence that breeds means and administrative technique to wait for place of a lot of reason to cause. 2 it is fish breed aquatics it is an economy activity should get a lot of technology economy necessarily conditional place is restricted only by " the need of fish " the content of the protein in decide feed is highbrow. , protein nutrition protein is to form the important part of cellular bioplasm to still maintain life activity to be what grow and breed place needs the soda acid inside protein and body is balanced to maintain not only, permeating the dimension hold that press of blood capillary to involve; protein normally is right. . . (The article in all 7 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " science and technology of Guangxi aquatic product " 2016 04 period fashionable Yo

Protein of pregnancy good nutrition will help

The closest mom having pregnant asks me " early pregnant reacts the meal hears of serious not feel like eating albumen pink has nutrition to suit to eat to pregnant woman particularly. Do I need to eat now? " does albumen pink suit to eat to pregnant woman? This gets the action from pregnancy protein, recommend a quantity to speak of. After protein and pregnant mom nutrition are pregnant not only the much place organ of mom body needs protein to come to what compose builds new composition embryo baby grow to also cannot leave protein. Between whole gestation of capacity of fetal, placental, amniotic fluid, blood increase and uterus of the mother's body, ? The development of L room needs to make an appointment with 925g protein in all. As a result of fetal and inchoate liver have not development is fetal more than kinds of 20 when because this is all,oneself still cannot synthesize amino acid amino acid all are fetal indispensible and amino acerbity need offer by the mother's body. Wait for darling to was born to decide to be able to finish the formidable challenge of mother milk feed well directly with the protein nutrition state of stepmother Mom. If mom is prandial medium protein quality is not very ideal not only galactic quantity can reduce darling; of can hungry abdomen is galactic in protein quality also can drop affect baby grow development. How many protein does pregnancy need? / daily secrete breeds the quantity restricts 750m L the parent below 100mL normal circumstance prandial protein change is. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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