The production of soja phosphatide body and application

L preface is existing in seed of grow of static much plant the phosphatide fragrant of different ration cuts extraction to make oil of silt of Zhi Rong of the rate in mew or dissolve Kuai Zhong in oil expression or dissolve (soja contains phosphatide pilfer to measure Yan 1.7% to control) . My garden fills an each heel oilseed to wait like soja cottonseed earthnut. Crack oil again mew means scale is very old arrowroot is annual quantity of cliff oily bully is female very big but heretofore still fails apprentice thing reduces a card fat carrying expostulate with to wish to knock beard is special regrettablly. Cao of the person that start seals soja Lin to tasty in studying alcohol extraction soybean oil a collect a few feed expect and did a few half-baked to display religion but piece wait for long already select place aside. A few months is cast aside before inside street of ability of oil expression of foot of Ben Lin of interpose action Nan proposes a toast naked reference impairs ability showed beautiful jade the extraction of marrow of phosphatide of assist soybean oil takes Chao Zhongfeng of labour of which oil expression seriously very much course of study is already extensive give birth to cliff. Grease earns to be versed in there is elder brother of a lot of lengths in mew deliberate in beautiful jade the use that Cun Xihe studies to have marrow of Peng Lin fat and take the advantage of turn brief problem. Climb in the Linyike that lift Cao our feeling knocks caboodle travel caboodle to slant in strong and pervasive fragrance of elder sister of phosphatide having Pian crack build and wish to use brief title special few this double for me the Kui of comrade of mew of garden oil industry is taken an examination of. (3) Xie amine base phosphatide marrow (one Aminophosphatide) of Di · , path heel compound contains atom of I Dong P and atom of 2 Dong N. Mu Lin of Si Fen elder brother (Sphingomyelin) walks on Chinese toon of element of Min day high and steep to make type namely following RCONH · C. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " chemical world " 09 period grain are oily 1953 food science and technology

Soja phosphatide is in store up the process is decomposed mediumly

Undertake study to discover in humidity 13% temperature are via pledging to soja and its oily fat composition changes 35 " of content of phosphatide of the soja after 6 months storing up when C 45% decomposed the phosphatide that has 72% to soya-bean oil to disappear. Among them lecithin and amine of phosphatide phenolic alcohol reduce lecithin of; phosphatide acerbity dissolubility to increase however significantly. Cream via taking off the soya-bean oil of processing but eliminate greater part. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " science and technology of food oily food " 1983 03 period oil industry

Develop soja phosphatide production to accumulate wealth for the country energetically

Output year after year added my plant since trial-produce phosphatide 1967 quality year after year rises. Come to more than 2000 tons 922 years offer exit soja phosphatide for the country. Aggregate RMB realizes total production value three yuan profit 1.5 million yuan. Soja phosphatide is the offal from soya-bean oil namely pure oily foot condenses the craft such as decolour to make for vacuum of raw material classics take. Value of soja phosphatide nutrition can remove emulsification, dispersive, soft bank very high to prevent the action of oxidation in food industry. In the more and more extensive adoption in light industry product. It is light industrial the important raw material of the product and recipe. The application in medical respect is very wide also. The preparation embarrassed of soja phosphatide. Shan of one purificatory beans. . . . . . Heat, , ; . One. . - . . . . . . . ; . On Shan of; soja wool sunken one pregnant " filter to hydrate -- -- -- -- , one. (' __ of oily foot of one oily foot, . . _ . . . Liquefaction _ , . . . The change heats means [Wen Shui] ' " - -- one cliff changes Pa of the dehydrate inside one inspiratory canister first-rate-----U-u---U---Dirt year old spit go to work is added " " " , " ' " " ' ' " vapour " " " dehydration - ' " ' " " . . . . ___- . A_ . - decolour. . . . , _ fatty acid -- add hydrogen peroxide solution, one. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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