Soja -- the healthy food with accepted all over the world

Soja has very high nutrition value and economic value to be able to make all sorts of delicate and goluptious bean products also can be used at oil expression to make soya-bean cake, beans dregs of rice etc and still have fair officinal value. Soja oil content is in commonly the soya-bean oil of 17% one 25% high grade raw material that are oil expression are oil of high grade edible. Soja and soya-bean oil are divided return outside direct edible can use extensively at food industry and chemical industry. The by-product soya-bean cake of soja, . Concern to food and human body health as people in recent years, to all sorts of health care of human body into food of research ยท soja the function jumps over half Xie to be the task with international medicine bound and food popular industry less. Soja contains a lot ofprotein and oil is main grain oil holds concurrently use as boil crowded dream riveting to contain protein 42% adipose charm of 20% carbon to hydrate royal seal of 30 dagger base its protein content is compared ' J ' wheat, , the commissariat huang3hu1 such as rice is knocked times 4 times contain. Acid of 85% one 90% phosphatide is contained in soja phosphatide candy of choline and amine of phosphatide acerbity alcohol, phosphatide tries wait to have very good health care effect to human body organ. Recent research achievement makes clear. . . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " nutrition of Chinese health care " 2001 10 period Heibei agriculture science

Increase the principle of science and technology of soybean crop

Soja is domestic animals is in in legume crop advocate feed. It is the feed that adipose, mineral, vitamin and protein, carotene content balance. The be ashamed that contains a variety of amino acid among them pledges oneself 4. Gu grease 24 Gu carbohydrate 2. Bowel. No matter the green body of soja is dry, damp-dry green still is farinaceous without giving thought to, graininess, lump and soya-bean cake, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, soya-bean milk can make domestic animals feed. The product in soja process is like E of phosphatide, vitamin to wait to also use as feed. . " double Min basin is written when the advantage that speaks of soja " soja is resembled without a kind of any plants on the world produce in 100 days in that way so protein and adipose. It is without a kind of any plants on the world on the amount of finished products can compare with soja photograph. ' but 6% what the soybean total output of the far east that produces a division as our country soja occupies national economy to need appropriate to measure only. Cause Bai Ziduo to use feed food in the absense of high protein feed 20 one 25 handkerchief this more drama the insecurity of commissariat. In Russia every join 55 kilograms of soya-bean cake, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk and feed of other high protein with feed of a ton of cereal and the United States is joined 171 kilograms add 412 kilograms in country of market of European Community Association. Come to the world of soja nearly 20 years output grows 1. , South America, Asia and European most country. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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