Chicken is commonly used legume, cake dregses of rice feed a

Soja and black soybean are contained adipose taller normally first what oil expression uses oil expression hind is residual make feed uptodate the goal that feed makes directly after also soja of will complete fat is handled is the energy concentration that increases diet. Other legume is like pea, horsebean to wait contain adipose amount all not direct raise uses Gao Ke but crude protein content is apparent under soja. All sorts of legume all contain different sort and amount before fighting nutrient factor to be used in raise, should undertake handling. Crude protein is contained about in 1 legume soja 17% have 35% crude fat efficiency value and high-grade energy feed comparative its lysine content compares tower above of horsebean, pea about 70% but egg ammonia sick at heart is little it is its defect. Calcium is contained in soja inferior total phosphor is taller but 1/3 is being made an appointment with in total phosphor is establish acerbity phosphor. The assimilation of the protein that gives birth to soja and amino acid and use efficiency to because its are contained,be differred fight nutrient material (trypsin restrains factor, Niao enzymatic, outside source blood coagulates element, send gas of intestines and stomach to bilge factor, fight vitamin factor, α - amylase restrains factor, sheet. Appropriate of dosage of the soja in egg chicken feed is between 10%~25% . Content of its crude protein makes an appointment with a mutation that black soybean is soja content of 35% crude fibre is 5% the left and right sides. Compare its with the Huang Dadou that be the same as class crude protein and. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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Polisher of PJ series legume

Seek advice from main technique parameter the polishing processing that this series machines and tools suits all sorts of legume moves. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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Have fine of achievement of legume breakfast student

England did to learn the research that ability affects to schoolchild in the light of breakfast. Age of each 15 people is the male schoolgirl that accepts a test 11-13 year old research group offers bovine oil to them respectively much person or legume is much person cook breakfast (both quantity of heat is identical) . 2. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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Mix about legume breeding a few deliberate that help advance somebody's career

Reforming those who plow the legume when the system increases multiple cropping index to cultivate the position with be had significant. Be in a year or the cultivates legume to wait for main crop to paddy, wheaten, cotton farther increase production that each season crop is mutual influence inside a few years has affinity crucial also to the development of stock raising. But the yield of legume is at present average not tall flabby the development that limitted it thereby this is to ask we come to what serious Lv takes an examination of from breeding and the angle that help advance somebody's career. The meaning that development legume talks about to cultivate below and mix to breeding help advance somebody's career a few opinion of the problem offers reference. One, in recent years the high yield of need corn short stalk as increase production grain, cotton tastes the necessity that develops legume yield promotion the legume that is a purpose in order to obtain seed fact relatively grows an area big earth is cut. Giving birth to vivid need and soil to earth up the respect such as fertilizer to come to what Lv take an examination ofing develops a few legume appropriately to cultivate from masses however is necessary. . Legume protein content is made an appointment with 0, 5 times child the corn such as paddy, wheat. In human food if lack development of protein cloggy body,increase young little mortality adult is easy also and early anile. In feed if lack protein criterion cultivate, birds has ill death easily. The need that reachs feed protein to food to satisfy person cultivate accordingly helps advance somebody's career a few legume are very necessary. The bean curd that the soja in legume makes has fleshy quality of a material and fragrance to be in. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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