Food uses extruder of double axis helix (below)

' extruder of helix of · double axis has a variety of function to show with respect to among them one of disintegrator are changing helix direction of rotation and form next experimenting undertaking that when its are raw material with soja as a result, D can obtain 2 kinds to smash type (1) smashs oil expression (2) smashs not. Answer now this kind of systematism that the technology introduces 2 kinds of soya bean handles ancon (the systematism that 1) has oil expression at the same time is handled (the systematism processing that 2) does not have oil expression. Use to 1 ugly labour extruder of 5 carry on sets raw material to furnish quantity, speed of spiral shaft is changeless change helix pitch to smash only if the result when soja pursues 5 reach a table 3, the watch is shown 4 times. The 4/4 in graph and watch, 3/4, 2/4 is helix pitch (opposite spiral diameter for example 4/4 expresses 52mm)30. , 60 " (mixture disc) install angle. Fur coat 3 smash the comparison of the result │ of │ of rotate speed of collect of │ of quantity of supply of raw material of │ of ┐ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ┬ of ─ of ─ of ─ of ┌ ─ ─ coming back (Kg/h)l │ (fetch │ of 66ro7 of │ of 20 of │ of │ of 50 of │ of 20 of │ of │ of 50 of │ of 20 of │ of R/min) │ . · Guizhou damask in order to be the same as Xiang Yi to 30 a few inverting. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " commissariat and grease " 1989 02 period commissariat and grease

Food uses extruder of double axis helix (on)

In recent years consumer needed to raise the many sided requirement such as cate, health to food. Note overweight to develop new breed to be opposite to get used to factory of this kind of varied food needing appropriate extruder of new double axis food is sent at great expectations. Extruder is used at squeezing scamper grape juice in Europe ' production cooked wheaten food already some histories as the application of plastic domain its technology had saltant development. Especially the transportation of double axis extruder, mix etc function is better than odd axis extruder and carry adds up to processing various raw material. The example that the watch labels extruder 1 times to be used at making provision will regard oil expression as dehydration henceforth or the production method such as cellulose keeps abreast of one pace develops application. The extruder of helix of food double axis that the article makes steel place develop with respect to Japan makes one interpose beautiful be the cement group of an experiment of crowded to all sorts of food raw material graceful graceful industry to make one report with food of extruder of double axis helix at the same time. 2 feed the bureau is early extruder showing an axis the characteristic of F of winter of course of study develops extruder of helix of success double axis to the basic research achievement of extruding technology according to this company for years one F of Deng X series. The food raw material that this series accords with diversification and breath attune purpose have the following characteristic (1) clench the teeth because can choose two helix,be the same as to or rotate reversely reason can iron of the sort according to food raw material, configuration gets stability to squeeze the helix of effect; (2) that go out and handles in great quantities crock canister uses component. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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