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Soja is grain oil holds concurrently with crop not only nutrient value very tall and straw and oil expression by-product, soya-bean cake is good domestic animals feed. Because the root nodule of soja can secure atmosphere,medium azotic element also is the good crop that develops soil fertility. In recent years our country soja cultivates area and crop in successive years to drop to affect the earnings of cropper directly. Continuous cropping of avoid of soja of crops for rotation of 1 mix up because soja root group secrete continuous cropping of a kind of acidity and toxic substance to make soja nutrition grows be short of molybdenum and the rhizobium in soil of soja incomplete existence is many azotic element added in soil too much. Because this undertakes reasonable rotate,change of crops can reduce ill bug harm to raise crop to still can adjust not only edaphic nutrient earths up fat soil fertility to be crop balanced grow creation good condition. Seed selection of 2 breed choice is a when raise seminal quality and yield important step. Seed selection should choose appropriate place to cultivate according to local climate environment and have good the seed that sows character. The stalk that be like a bine brawny, resistant to lodging, section bead of much, every pod counts much, pod bug of much, disease-resistant, get used to ability strong, yield is high and stable breed. Before to come true a full stand, Zhuang Miao sows, 3 handpick seeds want handpick seed. Handpick seed must be accomplished have sow character goodly gemmiparous situation and young plant of gemmiparous rate tower above are trim the characteristic such as Miao Zhuang. Because eliminate answers when this seed selection. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " modern country science and technology " 2017 03 period Chinese agriculture academy of sciences

Dark blue of Yunnan soja another name for Yunnan Province 2 high yield help advance somebody's career crucial technology research and set an example

Soja is vegetable protein and the main source with oily plant. Soja seed contains thick protein about 40% , contain crude fat 18% the left and right sides. The soja after oil expression dregses of rice thick protein content is as high as 48% ~ 50% , it is the source of protein of high grade vegetable of animal feed. Increase as a result of population and force of farmland reductive double weigh, the development of Chinese future soja must rely on to raise per unit area yield come true. This research is aimed at Yunnan soybean per unit area yield is low and flabby reason, use the method of field experiment, the key begins dark blue of another name for Yunnan Province of soja new breed dosage of 2 comprehensive assessment, nitrogenous fertilizer, cultivate prophylaxis and treatment of drug of rust of density, soja to wait for crucial technology research, software of applied DPS system undertakes data processing, make a dark blue of soja another name for Yunnan Province 2 high yield help advance somebody's career technical regulations, hand-in-hand travel bedding face accumulates production to set an example. This trial setting tastes check having a competition one group, ginseng try soja breed to be dark blue of another name for Yunnan Province 2 date, Zheng 92116 (Ck) , 97h-2-2, PI084631, PI, PI096983. Test result makes clear, dark blue of another name for Yunnan Province 2 crop and contrast (Ck) reach difference is extremely notable between other breed; Head the list of per unit area yield, / Hm2, relatively 600kg/hm2 of increase production of Ck(Zheng 92116) , % . Union experiments at many o'clock to make clear as a result, . . . (The article in all 44 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

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