Oil press machine The classification of occupation of oil pr

The classification of occupation of oil press manufacturer and amount distributing

The classification of occupation of oil press manufacturer and amount distributing

Concerned the relevant parties such as branch and committee of industry of equipment of Chinese refined oil and office of informatization of Ministry of Agriculture to summarize the course that industry of 60 years of oil press of our country grows and positive result through arrange and be being investigated recently, released schedule of distributinging circumstance of the classification of occupation of manufacturer of domestic oil press and amount together.

From compress craft differentiates type of refined oil equipment has hydraulic press and helix oil press, hydraulic press manufacturer basically distributings to be mixed in Shandong Henan, its market has a quantity to be in 15% , basically be used at sesame seed compress, we also are used to call it balm machine.

Helix oil press is divided again for cold extract craft and heat to extract craft, manufacturer of cold oil press basically distributings in Sichuan, the An Xin with Sichuan continous this world and green river are main delegate. They basically are used at compressing through frying the raw material that make, the cake makings of extrude of this kind of type should pass ability twice to embark on a journey, even 3. Its market user takes an amount the biggest in 50% , main user area distributings to be in the majority in northwest and northeast area.

Heat extracts equipment manufacturer to basically be centered in Zhengzhou and Gong Yi, they are the delegates of Korea technology, after introducing China, fall in Henan with, passed 30 old development to occupy significant position in market of domestic oil press, after it is used at raw material to pass stoving compress first-rate, in Henan south, south major area is having very strong competition ability, 35% what hold share of market of industry of whole oil press.

Above is newest oil press manufacturer and opposite product delegate distributing to take compared case with the market, the fixed position that offers these circumstances to conduce to manufacturer home future to everybody and development are arranged, also conduce to the reference when equipment of oil expression of user choose and buy, if have more demand,seek advice to land mechanically-laid web of Henan Huatai of oil press manufacturer please station inquiry.

Article origin is small-sized mechanical of Henan Huatai of oil press manufacturer

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