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How to differentiate below current and troubled food production condition pure ground sesameseed oil of true and false

How to differentiate below current and troubled food production condition pure ground sesameseed oil of true and false

Ground sesameseed oil is one of the friend that we like to cook's most zealous dressing, the condiment of tradition of cate of its since China also is an essential that we cannot lack surely in daily life. At present the unit of equipment of use oil and fat further processing of our country produces sesame oil technically rarely, it is scattered small shop only or bulk company sticks a card to produce, so how to differentiate what we buy is pure ground sesameseed oil has tricks of the trade.

Figure out ground sesameseed oil is how to return a responsibility very simple, everybody knows ground sesameseed oil is the sesame-seed oil that pushs extrude with stone mill. Will make machine oil expression with crush out of equipment of large oil press, will make sesame oil with hydraulic press crush out, squeeze with stone mill come out to make ground sesameseed oil. With respect to the price character, it is price of ground sesameseed oil for certain taller, character is best also. The difference of the price can be several times poorer, and the difference that the client tastes to this kind of oil does not have too much experience again, caused illegal commercial law to pass ticking off add is to use other oil to add a bit sesame oil even harmonic essence and those who become. We get on the market to cent of false ground sesameseed oil analyses to come a few kinds and know:

The first kind is to tick off add small grind oil, friend name is thought of think of even if take an in part half machine extracts the small Gou Duiyi that grind oil balm, this is to most moral ticks off add, the price often is compared tall, the petty gain with latter pure comparing not how many, also be close to on taste small grind oil but savour insufficient still aroma carefully. The 2nd kind is harmonic small grind oil, take other oil to come that is to say add enters sesame-seed oil inside, and this kind of balm is machine oil expression even, and not small the composition that grinds oil, mouthfeel and fragrance difference are far, the price is the cheapest also. The 3rd kind attribute more serious fraudulent action basically, take add of industrial balm essence to become, raw material joins oil expression facility at all with common blend oil need not, add enters these chemical raw material, became ground sesameseed oil. This kind of fragrance is very full-bodied, and contain more pungent flavor.

Above is resolution and the method that discriminate whether pure ground sesameseed oil and common false balm circumstance, these are fur only the knowledge that involves core technology and professional field may be us place can not arrive, but the head that keeps the most vigilant buys ground sesameseed oil, not the standard line that covet petty gain buys sham oil to become our edible oil to consume.

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