Soybean oil refining machine Qinghai heart makes 10 tons bre

Soybean oil refining machine Qinghai heart makes 10 tons breath out rapeseed / the day compresses 2 tons / project of equipment of day refined oilProject general situation

Equipment crop: Rapeseed 10 tons / equipment of day oil expression, 2 tons / equipment of day refined oil uses an address: Qinghai province heart makes breath out city to deliver goods date: On August 17, 2015 project characteristic: Rapeseed physics compresses - fine, rapeseed oil reachs a nation oily standard of one class edible uses requirement: Digestive place's many rapeseed, improve facility of fine of rapeseed oil of character of local edible oily safety

Project setting

Rapeseed oil is one of our country's main edible oil, advocate originate in catchment of the Yangtse River and and other places of southwest, northwest, crop occupies world first place, human body is very tall to the absorptivity of rapeseed oil, can amount to 99% . Rapeseed oil has the certain bate blood-vessel, effect that delays consenescence. The rigid demand of product of our country rapeseed still shows ascendant tendency, below the market environment that grows ceaselessly in demand, rapeseed imports the import of the amount that reduces certainly will to push tall rapeseed oil and dish to dregs of rice to measure, visible rapeseed oil has huge rigid demand and market perspective. In addition, rise ceaselessly as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, also take health seriously gradually rise, choose and use an issue of edible oil also more and more the attention that gets people, primary the edible scale that presses oil of seed of hot pickled mustard tuber will be reduced ceaselessly, will be met reach a nation eventually the fine rapeseed oil of oily standard of one class edible is replaced.

Project analysis

1. technology characteristic: After receiving order, engineer of my company oil saves rapeseed composition of place and client demand according to Qinghai, put forward pretreatment of rapeseed of one a complete set of - compress - solution of crude oil fine. Undertake clearing to rapeseed in workshop of raw material pretreatment namely screening, enter next full automatic helix oil press compresses, phosphoric acid acidification, alkaline refine, bath has to crude oil in intermittent fine workshop dry, undertake decolour deodorization in decolour deodorization workshop next, finished product oil is finished in fill outfit workshop pack.

2. produces installation: Whole product line from sign a contract to begin, the design to technological process of whole product line, production that produces equipment to complete set, to product line field assembly, arrive again formal put into production in all last a period of time 25 days, whole journey of 3 professional installation engineers of my company is participated in.

3. project benefit: Product line of equipment of rapeseed oil fine eliminates the social benefit with still have certain outside direct economic benefits, have certain positive effect to agricultural economy of place, oily to local edible safety and raise edible oil character sense is great.

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