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Oil refining machine manufacturer in China Manufacturer of equipment of edible oily fine teachs you to part the use method of daily edible oilSuffer visit an expert: The Chinese People's Liberation Army Zun Xiaoxia of director of division of 309 hospitals nutrition

On market, edible oil is phyletic and various, besides gust differ, the sort that the biggest difference of different grease depends on fatty acid and form scale to differ. Every kinds of grease has He Te to nod, combine the dietary characteristic of most person, after all which kinds are worth to recommend more?

Type: Tall oleic acid

On behalf of: Seed of olive oil, tea is oily

Recommend grade: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Advantage: Olive oil contains 80% above not saturated fatty acid, among them 70% above are odd not saturated fatty acid, namely oleic acid. Edible contains a lot ofthe oil of oleic acid, benefit at falling hematic fat, fight blood to coagulate, prevent arterial congee kind the formation of spot piece. Olive oil still is contained fight oxide -- , Xi of Chinese olive much phenol, spiny dogfish and β - cereal sterol, conduce to precaution the heart and vessels is ill. Tea seed oil and olive oil are very similar, all belong to oil of tall oleic acid vegetable, content of its oleic acid is higher than olive oil even, can amount to 80% above, function of nutrient value, dietotherapy is both do not divide almost the same. Nevertheless, compare olive oil, oily price compares homebred tea seed taller.

Defect: For opposite soybean oil, olive oil and the vitamin E content with tea oily seed are not high.

Proposal: If want to produce sanitarian effect adequately, virescent and send out of Chinese olive faint scent advanced olive oil is extracted to mix or had better do boiling water with Yu Liang first, and general olive oil uses the fried dish, food that stew all but, need to control good temperature only, do not risk lampblack. Fried dish of oil of homebred tea seed, cold and dressed with sause goes, when buying, first choice compresses product, quality is better. Olive oil is adulterate the phenomenon is commonner, anxious to get things on the cheap does not want when the choose and buy.

Type: Balanced model

On behalf of: Seed of pickled Chinese cabbage of oil of peanut oil, sesame-seed oil, rice bran, low mustard is oily

Recommend grade: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Advantage: The proportion that peanut oil place contains saturated fatty acid, odd not saturated fatty acid and much not saturated fatty acid is 3 ∶ probably 4 ∶ 3, what of all kinds fatty acid occupies specific gravity to be balanced quite, because this is balanced model the plant is oily. Oil of this kind of edible still includes oil of seed of pickled Chinese cabbage of oil of sesame-seed oil, rice bran, low mustard to wait. Compress peanut oil aroma of production is full-bodied, among them the nutrient composition such as vitamin E and carotene is saved more. Sesame-seed oil also has the sweet smell of refreshing, contain a lot ofsterol of phenol of element of vitamin E, sesame seed, sesame seed, plant to wait at the same time, be beneficial to precaution the heart and vessels is ill.

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